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NHL Overtime Rules: Hockey Rules Explained

How does overtime work in the NHL today? In the 2015-16 season, the NHL adopted a new rule where only three players would skate per team during the overtime period. In the event of a penalty, a fourth man would be added onto the ice, and if/when the penalty expires, the player is let out of the box, and the teams continue at four aside until the next whistle.

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In the regular season, the teams play one five-minute overtime period with the first team that scores being the winner. The winning team receives an additional point in the standings. SI Recommends

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How does Overtime Work in Hockey? (with pictures)

A hockey team may engage in a five-minute overtime period if a game is tied. If neither team scores during the five-minute overtime, the teams engage in a "shootout." In the shootout, each team selects three players to take what is essentially a penalty shot - a one-on-one play between one player and the other team's goalie. The teams alternate shots in the shootout, and the team with the most goals out of the three attempts is the winner.

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Overtime Procedure An intermission takes place after the third period of regulation before the start of overtime. At the start of overtime, a faceoff is used to put the puck into play at center ice. The first team to score a goal is the winner of the game. If the score is tied at the end of the ...

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Overtime is a method of determining a winner in an ice hockey game when the score is tied after regulation. The main methods of determining a winner in a tied game are the overtime period (commonly referred to as overtime), the shootout, or a combination of both. If league rules dictate a finite time in which overtime may be played, with no penalty shoot-out to follow, the game's winning team may or may not be necessarily determined.

What Are the Overtime Rules for Playoffs in the NHL?

During regular season, overtime periods are 5 minutes long and only three players and a goalie for each team participate. If a goal is not scored before the 5-minute period is over, the overtime goes to a shootout. Three players from each team are selected and have the opportunity to try to score on the goalie.

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Play continues until a goal is scored, or the five minute overtime period expires. If a goal is scored, that team wins the game. If no goal is scored during the overtime period, a shootout ensues. The home team decides which side will shoot first. Each team nominates three different players to shoot.

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If the teams are tied at the end of 60 minutes of play, a 5-minute sudden-death overtime period is played. During the playoffs, teams continue playing additional 20-minute sudden-death overtimes until one team scores.