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Villanova Women’s 5-Out Motion Offense – XnO Hoops

This offense is incredible. This is easily my favorite man-to-man offensive series. All credit for this offense goes to Harry Perretta, the Women’s Basketball Coach at Villanova. He’s an innovator on offense. His “Unscoutable Zone Offense” is also top notch, you can check out my notes on it here. We call this offense our “50” Series, because it’s a 5-out offense.

How The Villanova Women Practice the Five-Out Offense ...

An inside look at how Villanova practices the five-out offense from the drills they use to the way that they gradually role out five on five.

Henry Peretta Unscoutable Zone Offense Part 1 - YouTube

Villanova's Women's Basketball Coach, Zone Offense

Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2 ...

over 740 career wins - All-time winningest coach in the history of Villanova basketball (men or women) Legendary Villanova Women's Head Coach Harry Perretta describes the zone offense that he has perfected over the last decade. In this on-court demonstration, Coach Perretta takes you through a conceptual offense that defines roles for your players and allows your team to exploit gaps within any zone defense.

Villanova Zone Offense Clips - YouTube

Villanova Zone Offense Clips against defense. This is a follow-up to the presentation that Harry Perretta gave at the Women's Final Four 2014.

Villanova Women's Basketball Zone Offense - Image Results

More Villanova Women's Basketball Zone Offense images

Women's Basketball - Villanova University

Women's Basketball - Villanova University. Main Content Section. Countdown.

Harry Pettera – Villanova Women’s Program notes on Spread Offense

Harry Pettera – Villanova Women’s Program notes on Spread Offense. Different set of notes on the spread. Click on the link to download. Coach Peterman. Harry Perretta Villanova Spread Offense.pdf. ← Prev: Boston Celtics Blob series versus New Jersey Nets Next: Hubie Brown / Tony Barone - Memphis Grizzlies Early Offense →.

Villanova Jay Wright Playbook - The Basketball Playbook

Villanova Jay Wright Playbook - Contents (cont.) 1.15 Down 19 1.16 Down Fill 20 1.17 Drive, Jump Stop, Second Cut. 21 1.18 Exit - Side Pop 22 1.19 Flat 23 1.20 Flat Pick & Roll 24 1.21 Ghost 25 1.22 Hook Rip 2-Man 26 1.23 Miami Keep 28 1.24 Middle ISO 29 1.25 PNR Double 31 1.26 Post & Rip 32 1.27 Reverse 33 1.28 Roll 34 1.29 Roll & Replace 36

Villanova Wildcats - Four-Out Motion Offense - FastModel Sports

The Villanova Wildcats enter the NCAA Tournament as the #2 seed in the South Region behind the beautiful spacing and symmetry of their four-out ball screen motion offense. The Villanova Wildcats (29-5, #2 South Region) have long been know for their immaculate spacing, ball movement and Jay Wright’s affinity for “small ball” and four-guard lineups. The Wildcats’ offense ranks 11th in the nation in adjusted offensive efficiency and ‘Nova fans hope it can lead the team all the way to ...

Stanford Motion-Zone Offense - Coach Jackson's Pages

For this zone offense play, 1 brings the ball over half court to start the play in motion. Once 1 has dribbled over the half court mark, 4 sets a pick for 3 to break out to the wing and 5 flashes to the free throw line for the pass. The first option should be 5. If 5 is not open for the pass then 1 will pass to 3.